GERMREPEL® bottle technology is an industry-first invention that prevents harmful bacteria from initial attachment, thereby eliminating their subsequent growth. These bottles offer maximum antibacterial protection. Independently tested and Intertek certified, they effectively repel up to 99% of harmful bacteria, meeting international safety standards. Whether you’re outdoors, at work, or on the move, GERMREPEL® ensures a safe and clean hydration experience. In a world teeming with germs, organizations choosing antibacterial water bottles for promotional gifts demonstrate care for customer health, environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and innovative technology. 🌐💧

As summer heats up, sweating and dehydration become common. Whether you’re exercising, hiking, or working outdoors, having a spacious water bottle is essential. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also helps prevent the risk of heatstroke. Large capacity water bottles offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand logo, promotional messages, or event themes. Whether gifted to clients or distributed at events, these bottles enhance brand visibility and exposure. They’re especially suitable for construction companies and government workers in outdoor settings, conveying a message of health and care. 🌊💧

These mini water bottles are lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for quenching your thirst on the go. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, attending school events, or participating in workshops, Bottled has you covered. Customize these adorable mini water bottles with your logo or event details, making them perfect promotional and practical gifts for customers. 🌐🍹


Stay cool with a stylish tumbler. These uniquely designed travel tumblers exude fashion-forward vibes, allowing you to showcase your personality and taste. Whether you’re out in the scorching sun for outdoor activities or engaging in sports, a travel cup with a straw makes life easier. Sip on refreshing drinks anytime, anywhere—combat the heat! Mix up a chilled, flavorful summer special. And don’t forget to take your travel cup to the coffee shop for that rich, aromatic brew. Enjoy lazy, carefree moments. These travel tumblers can be custom-printed with colourful logos, making them ideal promotional gifts for events. 🌞🍹

Embrace the essence of sustainability and style with our exclusive water bottles, the perfect souvenir to enhance your brand's narrative. With a smart design and durable materials, it's not just a bottle; it's a statement. Make a lasting impression with a gift that resonates with your values and vision. Your brand's journey, encapsulated in a bottle—hydrate, inspire, and transform with every drop.

慶祝特別日子,精心設計一個周年紀念水樽!它不僅是個實用品,更是紀念品。無論是送禮物 周年紀念 水樽都是完美的選擇,留下難忘的回憶!

Celebrate Special Moments with a Thoughtfully Designed Anniversary Water Bottle! Not only is it a practical item, but also a cherished souvenir. Whether it’s for gifting or commemorating an anniversary, our water bottle is the perfect choice to create lasting memories. 🌟



除了有傳統的PC水樽外,我們有BPA Free(不含雙酚A)的及Tritan物料的水樽,Tritan是美國公司Eastman近年研發的塑料物料,通過美國FDA 認證以及台灣SGS測試,不含BPA及BPS等塑化劑,安全無毒,即使在高溫的環境下也不會釋放影響人體的有害物質。
新近水樽界突破: Germ Repellent Technology技術,全新抗菌水樽物料,斥菌率達99%,高效安全,24/7全天氣保護,食品級,更加安心使用。





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